The image tht I think real is giving me headaches everytime Ilook at it. So you tell me. Does your head hurt?


There are many other images similiar to smile.jpg and i will soon start comparing some to smile.jpg to see similarities and mabye if the brightness of colour causes these affects




This is the year Smile.jpg affected around 400 (give or take 10) people. Many of the people are anoymous or just... Gone
This image is the one I think is original but I filtered it so it has no harm on anyone and I am not completely sure this is the "Original"
I put the image attached to this post in a photoshop tester picture forwnsics thingy and it showed no photoshop activity.... Dont worry the image here is "digitally enchanced" but I tested an image that looks like this
To celerbrate this years HUNGER GAMES!!! No Im meen this years Creepypasta day I will hold a picture competition. You have to fuse creepypasta haunted image/file related things and create a big fussion of interne terror. From BEN to Smile.jpg... Whatever you like but it has to be a haunted FILE related. Post them on facebook, twitter or whatever and comment on this site with a link to it. It has to be YOURE OWN creation. No cheating.
My creation.
I may be doing Some Smile.jpg videos soon so if you can subscribe to my youtube channel... No link but my channel is called "Specogrunt2" plz visit it
Well this is my dream... Of it... You know what "it" is... If you are just a un lucky enough person to walk upon this page Im refering to Smile.jpg.... The dream started of as a normal day... Going to school... Same route... Same place... Me and my friend came to place known as "White path" for there was white gravel scattered across it.... The Grinning creature came lookin slightly red.... All I saw was the red version of the dog... Just in a dim room alone... With a lifeless bloody hand just lying on the ground... No body attached to it... No hope... Out of the dim room now back to white path... I was on the floor scratching my face and pulliny my hair... I was shouting crap like "IM INSANE" and "HELP ME!!" Then couldnt remember more... I think hell broke loose




tHaNk yOu aLl fOr tHe vIeWs!!!




OoOh gReAt!!! ReAsEaRcHiNg SmiLe BeFoRe BeDtImE... I WiLl hAvE nIcE DrEaMs!!!!!